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Monitoring (Inspections)/Acting Audit Director

If you are having trouble finding time to perform Monitoring or Inspection procedures or you need assistance in planning, directing and reviewing audits

We can definitely help

Profile: William V. Allen, Jr., CPA provides accounting, auditing, and consulting services to a variety of small and medium sized business, governments, and non-profit organizations. I have been involved at all levels of public accounting. If I do not have the expertise, I know where to find it; consequently your monitoringinspection will be done by experts in your field.

Qualifications: William V. Allen, Jr., CPA is a member of the AICPA/FICPA and all the peer reviews of his practice have resulted in an unqualified report with no letter of comments.

Bill has over 40 years experience at all levels of practice and with all types of clients. He has performed well over 500 monitoring/inspections for small, medium, large, and regional CPA firms.

Why William V. Allen, Jr., CPA? I have practiced at all levels of practice and understand the realities and pressures of your practice. As part of the monitoring/inspection process I will coach you in ways to be more effective and efficient, thus increasing your bottom line and decreasing your level of stress.

Timeliness: My monitoring/inspections are timely. I will issue you a report and a letter of advice at your exit conference.

Effectiveness: The most effective monitoring/inspections are the ones followed with in-house training for your firm, tailored to your firm based on the results of your my review of your working papers. Ask me how this works.

Personal Attention: I will give your firm my personal attention. I will go beyond the routine and try to resolve issues rather than create them. I will practice what I preach in the inspection process: “effectiveness and efficiency.”

What our clients say

I just wanted to pass on to you a note of thanks… not just for the good review, but for your willingness to share ideas that are helping us to be more efficient in our work.

I certainly hope that you will stay in the peer review program as a reviewer. You have to combined skill, knowledge and personality that promotes the desire to improve, as opposed to the inclination to rebel against the peer review system.

We sincerely appreciate the work of Mr. Allen, and his suggestions and comments. He not only gave us suggestions for improving our audit effectiveness and efficiency, he also provided comments and recommendations regarding our operations that will help us improve service and reduce costs.

On behalf of my staff and I, I want to thank you for the informative peer review that you conducted for our firm. I’ve always thought that the peer review process ought to be educational, one that assists a firm in improving systems, work efficiencies and internal controls. Your refreshing approach was just that and our staff and I greatly appreciated your insight, professionalism and engaging manner.

In a recent state society survey of peer review clients, I was rated as follows

Category WVA, JR.
Gave proper preparation information 5 4
Started the review in a timely manner 5 4
Was knowledgeable 5 4
Gave informative feedback about my practice 5 3
Issued the report on time 5 4
Was available to talk to 5 4

(range 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest)



Do you need someone to direct your auditing practice, but can not afford or find someone? I will assist you on a part time basis. I can assist you or just direct your staff in planning, supervising, and reviewing audits. Give me a call and let me assist you. With my experience and knowledge you are sure to perform more effective and efficient audits and have a higher realization than you have had in the past.


My prior experience in this area includes:
Audit Director for a large firm in Miami, FL with responsibility for over 25 audits including over 10 public companies.
Audit partner at a large local firm in Sacramento, CA with responsibility for over 50 governmental and NPO audits.
Each of these firms experienced higher realization while I was there.